Monday, August 24, 2015

Creating a Meaningful Maintenance Routine

There are few things that can determine a good or bad day more than my first cup of coffee.  If I am able to enjoy that one cup of coffee before my bouncing bundle of conversation jolts into the land of the living, I know I’ll survive the day.   However if I am blessed with an early riser, my schedule gets thrown to the wind and I become a frantic mess.  It’s never a pretty sight. 

While racing to throw everything I could possibly need into my bag, making sure my child has clothes on and food in her stomach and maneuvering through San Francisco’s illustrious commuting maze, the last thing I want to worry about is a check engine light on my car dashboard.   So when things like little wrenches that light up on my dash, or even worse, letters and numbers that give me no indication of what is actually wrong, my inner control freak flips out just a bit.

Proper maintenance for one’s self has become very trendy these days, thanks to the ever booming yoga and meditation groups, the scary obsessed Cross Fit clans and even the ever growing marathon trends.  Who knew that throwing glitter and bribing people with wine and hot chocolate would promote fitness? Now, what about your vehicles well being?

If you’re anything like me, I had a love hate relationship with my first car.  It wasn’t glamorous, nor was it new.  I drove a 1967 Fleetwood Cadillac handed down to me from my grandfather.  Now as a sweet little 5 foot three inches sixteen year old, this was both AWESOME and terrible all at once.   The car was a tank, and any time I pushed on the gas pedal, I literally watched the gas quickly drop to the letter E. 

The part I never fully understood until now, was how well the car ran.  It was a flawless drive, and although, by the time I got to it, the shocks were much to be desired, the engine was still a beast and purred like the kitten she was the day my grandfather bought her.  I remember watching my grandfather go through his old ledger books marking down oil changes and different services done on the car.   His meticulous efforts to care for that car were the reason I was able to drive it to and from high school 30 years after it was made. 

What does a regular maintenance routine mean? Thankfully, as drivers today, we have the ability of self-alerting vehicles letting us know when and what maintenance are needed for our cars.  There are different symbols and light colors to let us know if the issue is a minor or major concern.  We even have alerts letting us know when the pressure has dropped in our tires. 

The easiest way to get on a regular maintenance routine is to start with purchasing a pre-paid maintenance plan for your vehicle at the time of purchase.  Although it is a large chunk of change up front, it’ ensures that you’ll always have the money to pay for your car’s needs, and knowing you already spent the money makes it more important for you to show up and take advantage of the service appointments. 

The next best way to ensure you stay on track for a regular maintenance routine is to build a relationship with your service advisers!  Most dealerships will offer in house vehicle maintenance, which allows for your car to be serviced with factory parts and factory trained technicians, as well as having an onsite expert ready to answer all your questions and concerns regarding your vehicle.  Creating an ongoing relationship with your service adviser allows for you to have someone you trust “on the inside” working for you to get you back on the road in a safe and well maintained vehicle.

Are you interested in scheduling your vehicle for its next maintenance?

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