Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cold Weather Conditions: 5 Ways to Stay Safe On the Roads This Winter

Winter weather is slowly creeping into the bay area.  While October has survived in the mid 80’s for most of the month, the cooler weather along with impending rain lingers in the coming months, ready to pounce on unsuspecting San Franciscans.  Cooler weather, while a familiar friend to the Bay Area native, can bring on unplanned expenses if you are not ready. 

1.      1.  There will be rain.  Having grown up in Southern California, I had NO IDEA that it could rain so much in one season.  In Los Angeles, I could experience a full seven days of rain in the entire season and we’d call it “A wet one”.  Here in the bay, experiencing rain for seven days in a row, more than ten times in a season is very normal, and can still be deemed a drought. Learn to love the rain. It’s not going anywhere.  

2.       2. Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for others.  Being as you know that it rains here in the bay, plan ahead,  and buy yourself a few of the basics.  Owning an umbrella, a pair of wellies, and even a nice warm rain coat with matching scarf and gloves are all good investments.  Keep them in your car for a rainy day, because we all know, you’ll have plenty of them in the days that come!

3.       3. Before the rainy season hits, change your wiper blades and check your tire tread.  While the idea of spending money on tires may seem a bit excessive, the cost of a saved life from quality tread on an oily wet road is worth every penny. Your service advisor at your local service center will be the best person to let you know if your tires are in need of changing, and with seasonal tire savings events happening at your local dealerships, you might even look into the additional full size spare tire for unexpected flats! You can never be too prepared.

4.       4. Slow Down and leave room.   For all my tailgaters out there, you know who you are, Take it easy on the other drivers.  To avoid loss of traction which could cause hydroplane, slow your roll and give the other drivers some space on those wet roads.  Should you find yourself in a skid situation, avoid slamming on the brakes to help keep control, and continue looking and steer in the direction in which you want the car to go.  Avoid hard braking or turning sharply and, with ample stopping distance, we should all survive another wet winter here in The Bay.

5.       5. Turn your lights on when you turn on your wipers.  The rule of thumb states that you should using your headlights any time you use your wiper blades.  If Karl the Fog is around, be sure to use your low beams; however the use of headlights in rainy weather can help other drivers to see you on the road and allows you to see pedestrians out walking in the rain!

Planning ahead for the wet weather not only keeps you dry, but also ensures a safer commute for everyone out on the roads.  Our goal is to get each one of you home, safe and dry, to your families.  Remember, change your wiper blades, check your tire tread and use your headlights whenever your wipers are in use. Slow down and give your fellow drivers room on the road and let’s enjoy yet another wonderfully wet winter here in the bay! 

For more tips on how to stay safe out on the roads this winter, Click on the link below!